Self-adhesive foam tape

JLTI manufactures self-adhesive foam tape for professional use.

Self-adhesive foam tape has a wide variety of uses: sealing gaskets, trim seals, cushioning pads, etc.

JLTI produces thousands of kilometres of self-adhesive foam tape every year for its customers around the world.

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We meet industrial professionals’ wide range of requirements for self-adhesive foam tape. Using appropriate adhesives and elastomers, each JLTI self-adhesive foam tape meets the customer’s criteria in terms of his particular application (tightness sealing, trim seals, cushioning, insulation, etc.).

Each JTLI self-adhesive foam tape benefits from our company’s extensive know-how in terms of adhesives and elastomers,  and is produced in line with our demanding quality approach.

We specialise in rubber tapes: consult us for your next order for rubber tape.