Quality – Iso

JLTI‘s ongoing quality approach involves focussing on its customers to satisfy and anticipate their requirements.

JLTI has been certified ISO 9001 since 1994, and ISO 9001 V2015 since 2016.

JLTI‘s internal quality policy is based on Computer Assisted Production Management. This policy expresses the desire for transparency from the moment the material is received in the store until the end of the delivery process.

This is a “policy” that starts by qualifying and training staff in “the quality reflex”, from design to despatch, and requires perfect maintenance of production tools, in-line procedures, supplier/partner audits, and batch traceability.

Formalised self-monitoring of operators, together with modern measuring and testing equipment that is checked and calibrated regularly, guarantees the quality of our production with customer deliveries under SQA (supplier quality assurance).