Rubber moulding

We offer our customers the choice of rubber moulding  or thermoplastic injection for 3-dimensional shapes that do not permit the use of cutting techniques.

We can meet every requirement for rubber moulding, from the definition of your needs to delivery, using modern presses which allow every type of rubber moulding, by injection or compression.

Moulding of rubber, thermoplastics, EPDM, silicone of a wide range of elastomers is undertaken in our Bron factory, near Lyons, by a team specialising in rubber moulding production.

There are a wide variety of applications for rubber moulding: sealing gaskets, cushioning seals, etc., and it is used in a large number of sectors by our industrial customers. Each part produced by rubber moulding corresponds to precise specifications drawn up by our customer to ensure the correct response to his requirement for moulded rubber seals.

Joint Lyonnais Techniques Industrielles, the specialists in rubber moulding, supplies professionals in all sectors of activity.

Our quality approach allows us to respond precisely to your requirements for rubber or TPE moulding.

Consult us for all your needs for rubber moulding and thermoplastics moulding.