Silicone seals

JLTI manufactures silicone seals, tapes and every type of silicone component..

We are experts in silicon cutting and moulding of parts in compliance with your specifications.

Joint siliconeFoam silicone rubber (VMQ) seals comply with fire/smoke standards NF EN 16101, UL94 + FDA… Contact us for further details.

Compact silicone rubber (VMQ) seals are used for contacts with diluted acids, water, strong and slightly oxidising acids, and detergents.  Contact us for further details.

Our silicone components  benefit from all our expertise in cutting and moulding seals, tapes and parts from drawings.

JLTI, as a producer of silicone seals  for professionals, works with you to determine a solution for all your silicone components.

Contact us for your silicone seal requirements.