Adhesive rubber seals

JLTI: the specialists in adhesive rubber seals.

For adhesive rubber seals we use double-sided adhesive that we lay on the cellular rubber to obtain the final adhesive finished product. Adhesive rubber seals can have the shape and size that you desire: adhesive seals from diagrams, self-adhesive foam tapes, adhesive washers, etc.

Applications for adhesive rubber seals

joint adhésifAdhesive rubber seals provide either long term or short term adhesion to a substrate, the latter allows repositioning during application. The difference is determined by the quality of the adhesive used on the rubber seal.

Moreover, we can use screened adhesives to improve the rigidity of the rubber seal.

Optimising the production process

We supply adhesive seals in foam rubber and compact rubber to all our professional customers. Our expertise enables us to apply adhesive to rubber and all the current elastomers. The choice of production process for an adhesive rubber seal is optimised, to meet your requirements and ensure its cost-effectiveness.

Adhesive rubber seals: a wide choice of elastomers

Our range of elastomers

We have a wide range of elastomers at our disposal for every application, from the most common (sealing gaskets, cushioning seals, trim seals, cable glands, etc.) to the most specialised (seals for extreme conditions, specific compressed rubber content, chemical resistance of elastomers, dimensional or temporal properties, etc.) so as to be able to produce the adhesive foam rubber or compact rubber seal your require for your application.

A wide range of foam (PU, PE, etc.) is also available for adhesive seal applications.

An adhesive rubber seal is defined by its material (rubber, felt, silicone, etc.) and by the quality of the adhesive, which is determined by the substrate to which the adhesive seal will be bonded.

A wide range of adhesives

Depending on the material chosen for your seal, we have a vast choice of adhesives which will ensure that your seal is suitable for its end use. For example, the adhesive will be designed for internal or external application, may be screened to improve the rigidity of the adhesive seal, and will ensure adhesion over a given period.

To summarise …

Contact us for further details: we have stocks of all the adhesives required for all available elastomers, ensuring that we can produce your adhesive seal.

Your adhesive rubber seals will be subject to our full quality approach from product definition to delivery.