Raw materials

Our wide range of raw materials, including compact or cellular rubber, PE, PU and PVC foam, asbestos-free sheets, felt and tear-resistant paper, allow us to supply our customers with an infinite combination of high-performance products, cut and laminated if required.
This variety of available material, together with a wide choice of types of elastomers, densities, hardnesses and colours, allows us to respond effectively and rapidly to any market requirement from the most general applications to the most demanding.

Compact rubber**:

2 smooth sides (SS) or 2 Cloth printed (CP) sides, or 1 SS + 1 CP, with or without textile insert. Several thicknesses, hardnesses and approvals are available, according to applications.

  • NR: ParaBlond, ParaBeige 40 Shore, Black in 50 and 60 Shore and Red in 55 Shores + dielectric properties.
  • SBR: Black in 50 and 65 Shore + dielectric properties + White in 65/70 Shore
  • EPDM: Black in 60,65, 70 and 82 Shore + ACS, KTW, WRC drinking water approval or White with FDA + EPDM approvals with Fire-smoke classification.
  • CR: Black in 45, 60,65 and 80 Shore + Fire-smoke classification
  • NBR: Black in 50, 60, 65, 70 and 60 Shore + ACS, KTW, WRC drinking water approval or White in 65 Shore with FDA approval.
  • PU 80 Shore, HYPALON®, SILICONE Translucent, White and Red with FDA, VITON®, PTFE approvals

Cellular rubber (closed cells)**

EPDM, EPDM+SBR, EPDM+CR, NBR, SBR, CR, NBR+PVC, SILICONE from 75 to 400 kg/m3.

Black, Grey, White or Red.

FDA approval + Fire-smoke classification + UL 94 (yellow card) + EN 45545.

PE, EVA, PU and PVC foams**:

Numerous densities + different cellular structures (cross-linked or non-cross-linked cells) in Grey and/or White for PE and PU foams Fire- smoke classification + UL94

PU particle foam 80-240 kg/m3

EVA 100, 200 kg/m3 any colour PVC SR and QR foam 100-125 kg/m3, Grey or White

Asbestos-free sheets**:

Calendered material with excellent temperature resistance (over 250°C continuously), excellent pressure resistance (100 bars), GDF, ACS, KTW, , DVGW, WRC, SNCF etc approved.

Felt & baize (white or grey, wool and/or polyester) tear-resistant paper (caliper 0.15 – 6.5 mm), Elastomer corks (nitrile, chloroprene, natural), or any other flexible material that can be flat cut.

**: This list is not exhaustive: please contact us for further information.