EPDM tapes

bande epdm

JLTI produces EPDM tapes.

Our EPDM rubber tapes (foam rubber, cellular rubber, etc.) are manufactures using EPDM rubber, following our customer’s drawings and specifications. Our large range of EPDM rubber allows us to meet all your application requirements in EPDM tape.

All our EPDM tapes meet our strict manufacturing quality standards. We supply EPDM tapes for professionals in every industrial sector. Every year, we deliver thousands of kilometres of tapes throughout Europe and to every continent.

JLTI EPDM tapes are available with or without two-sided adhesive, according to your specifications. They are usually supplied in 10 metre rolls but JLTI is able to adapt to your needs and can provide rolls in other lengths.

EPDM tape has numerous applications: sealing gaskets, trim seals, cushioning pads, etc., and each EPDM meets different specifications depending on usage requirements – drinking water, gas tightness, temperature resistance, etc.

Contact us for further information about EPDM tapes: we will be happy to produce the EPDM tape you require.