Rubber cutting

Joint Lyonnais Techniques Industrielles, specialists in rubber cutting operations, offers a wide choice of rubber, generally elastomers, to cut components as you require, following your own drawings (washers, tapes, rectangles, sealing gaskets, etc.).

With our modern cutting machines, we provide industry and professionals quality products which meet the most varied standards (drinking water, fire/smoke, railways, etc.) both in cut and moulded parts.

Rubber cutting is the core business at JLTI. We have been working with elastomers for many years, always renewing our expertise in terms of rubber cutting techniques. This reactivity is applied for the satisfaction of our customers for all our products, and especially in the field of rubber cutting.

We are able to cut EPDM, NBR, and SBR rubbers, silicone foam rubber, and all available elastomers.

The industrial applications for our cut seals and gaskets are very varied and involve all sectors of business. Our cut seals and gaskets ensure tightness, padding, cushioning, or other functions as required.

We use various leading-edge processes used for rubber cutting. Our extensive, state-of-the art machinery allows us to meet the wide requirements of the rubber cutting sector.

Consult us for all your rubber cutting needs.