A complete range of modern machinery

To guarantee continuity of deliveries to our customers the majority of our equipment is duplicated.

The following operations can be carried out on the JLTI cutting sites:

  • Shearing (cutting the raw material in depth)
  • Adhesive line
  • 25t – 500t manual presses
  • Selective cutting presses
  • Numerical control presses (NC presses)
  • Strip cutters
  • Wrapping with shrink film
  • Saws with large and small tables
  • Inclined saws
  • Sanders, drills, grinders, lathe, vulcaniser

Presses used for moulding unit:

  • Rubber and silicon compression presses (700x700mm)
  • Rubber and silicon injection presses – 250 – 2000 cm3
  • Oven – cryogenics for deflashing
  • Open mixer
  • Horizontal thermoplastic presses
  • Ultrasound for mould cleaning