Cellular rubber

JLTI supplies cellular rubber products for industry.

Cellular rubber: an extensive range

EPDM, NBR, SBR cellular rubber

Our wide range of cellular rubber ensures that we cover all the needs of our professional customers: EPDM, CR, NBR, SBR or silicone cellular rubber… Please take a look at our presentation page for the JLTI range of cellular rubber.

joint caoutchouc cellulaire

Cellular rubber which meets your needs

We work according to your specifications: cellular rubber tapes, washers or gaskets, according to your drawings and specifications. Every shape is possible, as you will see if you contact us.

Cellular rubber is available in a range of densities, and we will identify the version your components require.

In the same way, where specific qualities are concerned (temperature resistance etc.), we will find the cellular rubber that best suits your application.

Applications for cellular rubber

Cellular rubber is suitable for a wide range of applications: sealing gaskets (water tightness, and also for other fluids or gases – please contact us for more details), gaskets, cushioning (vibration damping), etc.

They can be cut to the shape you desire: rubber tapes, rubber seals in every size and shape, sealing gaskets, adhesive rubber seals, etc.

Applying adhesive to components

We use double-sided adhesive that we place on the cellular rubber to obtain the final adhesive finished product.

Adhesive cellular rubber provides either long term or short term adhesion to a substrate, the latter allows repositioning during application. Contact us for further details: we have stocks of all the adhesives required for all available cellular rubbers, ensuring that we can produce your adhesive gasket.

Contact us now for your next cellular rubber requirements: together we will find the solution which best meets your needs.